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Rafa Capri loves to work with brands that are unique like himself. He loves high fashion and stylish pieces.


His opinions are his absolute own (if you've been reading his posts, you will know he speaks the truth as he sees things)! 


Rafa Capri and his mother will both review food, fashion, and pet friendly hotels on his diary and on his Instagram too. 

Currently, he has a following of 105,000 followers; 45,000 website subscribers, 35,000 instagram followers and 25,000 followers on twitter. 


Rafa Capri has been featured in the national press in the UK, with The Daily Mail and in the UAE, featuring in The National, Khaleej Times, 7Days, Ahlan! and Time Out Dubai. He was also a regular host on Dubai Life TV, the only English lifestyle TV channel in the UAE.


If you would like to know more about who we have worked with, then please see the tab: Who I work with. 


For promotional and business collaborations, please email on and put Rafa Capri Wanted as the subject.

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