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Hello 2018!

I'm not sorry to see the end of 2017. A lot of previous incidents came back to haunt me and several of those have led to a global movement in bettering the human rights of females. Naturally, this a great thing, but man, I think I may have been responsible...

No-one is blaming me, but that doesn't stop me blaming myself. It all began years ago when I first started modelling. I was invited for a casting call in LA, coming from the UAE this was more than a big deal for me, this was make or break.

I was all set to go, my miniature suitcase packed with essentials, my mum was insisting on chaperoning, in a way that made me feel better as it was the otherside of the world.

With a day to go, I got a call which shook me, I had been warned that the modelling world was a fickle business, so my heart sank when I heard that the meeting was LA, oh I was devastated for 30 seconds, I listened on and my gloom was lifted into delight! I was meeting the bosses in Dubai (I think they fancied a holiday).

So there I met with them, and I signed up for my first gig, Pepsi. I didn't think much more of meeting with them and getting my first contract, other than it was fun and I learnt how to be demanding from my co-stars. However, looking back I can see that I may have caused the problem which is rife in LA and London. I love anyone giving me cuddles, and I happily jumped on the producer's lap...

Some people accuse me of overthinking, they say I don’t relax in the triviality of life, they say things like give him a bone and he’ll be happy again...when I hear those comments I think how small minded these people are, like all I am concerned about is a treat. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my guilty pleasures, but how can I relax when all the world is in upside down.

I don’t know if my sitting on the producer's knee was harassment, I sit on everyone’s lap, maybe it is my fault, and then these producers thought all models should do that. GOD!! WHAT HAVE I DONE?! And then this f**king brexit, all I want to know is, will I still be allowed to travel by train to the fashion capitals of Europe?! Why is nobody asking this question???

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!

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