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Rafa Capri Arrested!

When, as everyone knows, all you have in the world is your mum, it just breaks your heart when they leave. She says it was for work, but I don't get it. I provide her a substantial income, why does she need to leave me?

At 6 years old I'm getting used to it, but my little (and it is little, I'm a chihuahua) heart breaks. This time it was different though, I've become comfortable at home now, and I'm loved by so many of my family, I can afford to protest a bit more than usual.

My mum is back now, so I decided to take great delight in telling her my troubles whilst she was away. It is pretty newsworthy...

Some very serious matters occurred. I was caught for a DUI, but the police let me off for being an abandoned chihuahua, then I was caught for shop lifting. Security caught me putting mascara in my backpack...and then I ran away from home.

I think she has got the message that if she leaves again I will go off the rails even more so, she will realise I better have more attention or who knows what I'll do next 🤷‍♀️

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