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35,000 Instagram followers, I'll take a bow!

35,000 followers, I'm a leader amongst men!

I'm naturally so flattered for all the love and attention.

What can I say? I LOVE YOU ALL!!! My mum promised me a Chanel ski suit if I reach 50,000 before Christmas! Now, what a sight that would be! Without you all supporting me, I'd be another poor dog...literally, I wouldn't even have a bank account.

I've digressed.

Your love and admiration of my style choices have made me into a rich, beautiful and popular boy, the three best qualities there are in the world. I live in a lifestyle of fast cars, models and silk jackets and it is to you I thank!

Cheers, mum, pop the champagne!!! 🍾 🥂

Lots of love,

Rafa Capri x

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