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Milestone anticipations

Oh my tummy hurts, I feel moments of euphoria and then I double over as my inside feel like they have knotted. I'm snappy with everyone, the doctor called it anxiety, I just call it fame.

Tomorrow, or maybe today I will reach 35,000 fans on Instagram. All those people watching my every move. They have made me what I am, a global doggy model, a political campaigner that people respect, a writer to install hope in other dogs that they too can be beautiful and popular (they can hope...).

I have never wanted the trivial things in life, a comfortable home, a loving family, no, that's not my goal. I always wanted to be rich, beautiful and famous. I owe so much to my fans, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have my team of servants, my supercars or silk lined jackets. They have really been something, I appreciate them a lot, and not because they support me but because they enable me.

That's the key point that I think so many celebrities miss when do their thank you speeches. I've always wondered why none of them have ever been able to articulate this...

So, champagne it is, 35,000 followers on Instagram and so many more to come. I love reading the comments and messages. I love it when people from around the world follow what I am doing and the absolute best part is being recognised on the streets of Brighton.

A fabulous feeling I can tell you.


Rafa Capri, Dog model, Instagram

#dogmodel #rafacapri

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