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On set with Teddy Maximus and my tedious agent

I get it, I know it's my job, I'm a model and not only is it my profession, it's my love and without it I have zero reasons to live. If I'm not swamped in designer outfits then I might as well chug a bottle of pills with a whiskey, what else is there in life than being beautiful? So, there I was, up at 6am for my morning shoot. Hair and make-up came round, but I wasn't impressed, I don't like it when they are too in my face.

My mood was soured because of my agent, not only had I been recovering from Glastonbury, then she books for me this shoot, in the afternoon I was due to train a trainee model for the runway and in the evening a special guest appearance at Soho House. Seriously. Chihuahuas have got to lounge at some point!!!

Here I am posting at the time:

Rafa Capri, Dog Model, Teddy Maximus

Fortunately my personal photographer knows what to do, and the photos show off my personalised neckerchief. Argh, my agent, if it wasn't for the money I'd sack her off, I don't care she's my mother, she's a d*** h***.

Here are my photos below, watch out for my next post on Glastonbury, oh and Sienna and Brad it's totally true. At the end of this blog, see my advice of when to where a neckerchief. IT IS NOT FOR ALL OCCASIONS!

Rafa Capri, Dog Model, Teddy Maximus

Rafa Capri, Dog Model, Teddy Maximus

Rafa Capri, Dog Model, Teddy Maximus

Rafa Capri, Dog Model, Teddy Maximus

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