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Oxford Fashion Lecturing

Oh dear, I am exhausted. Gave a lecture yesterday on there's such a thing as designer tat at Oxford University. I have numerous examples of expensive clothes which should just be never worn. Then I went through a list of celebs who are sometimes called fashionistas. The only thing they are leading is the queue to puke in the loo. Terrible. I'm quite exhausted but I'm proud of myself giving up my time to teach the younger ones a valuable lesson in life. To be honest I'll only do this once a year it's too tiring... I get too angry looking at Gucci and Prada mistakes. Then getting everyone to're wearing tat and look like a rat... this is my advice for when you see a tatty person in the street. At least those 250 young adults are wiser now 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓💁‍♂️

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