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Rafa Capri is a Chihuahua living in Sussex. He is a TV personality, instragram celebrity and has a following of over 35,000. He has been featured as a model in the Daily Mail in the UK, as well as the national papers of the UAE including The National, Khaleej Times, 7Days, Ahlan! Rafa Capri is a celebrity judge for Chihuahua Town Festival.


Rafa Capri has risen in popularity due to his very opinionated comments and behaviour. He is always passionate about his beliefs in fashion and lifestyle brands as well as general day to day issues.  


Raised in Dubai, Rafa Capri learnt about the finer and glamorous side of life. He still enjoys riding in classic cars, however, Ferraris and Maseratis are not in his life now, something he has struggled to come to terms with (all is heavily documented on his Instagram account @rafacapri )


Since his mother moved back to England in September 2016 he has had to learn countryside ways and adjust to being an English boy and all that entails. His documented struggles have increased his UK following hugely.

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